What can we do?




So instead of complaining about what’s wrong with our world, let’s imagine a world of love, joy and abundance.
Let’s occupy our Inner Space in a positive way by envisioning a new world. From this inspired place will arise
solutions to make real change. First, try giving thanks for all the wonderful things about our world. . . the sky,
the trees, the air we breathe, the animals, sunshine, friends, family, and so much more! Being grateful for what
we have gives us power to create more of what we love in our life.

What would a compassionate, loving, peaceful world look like to you? What would it feel like to live in such a world?
Can you imagine a thriving global community? Can you envision a world where we respect and honor differences and
yet recognize the oneness of all things? What would it feel like to live in a world where people care and share, and there
is enough abundance for everyone to be happy? Can you imagine a healthy world filled with healthy people?
Are you willing to just imagine it? If you can imagine it, it can happen!

Most respondents also said the law’s emphasis on english and math had reduced the time spent in public schools on other subjects, and nearly all who held that view were very or somewhat concerned about that trend

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