The Next Step





The original excitement of occupying cities and towns and camping in front of
Wall Street for change is already dying down. It appeared at first that by joining
our voices together in the streets, as we have done in the past, we would create
lasting change. Yet, the movement has grown smaller and smaller in our worldly
vision day by day. So, what is the answer? What is needed for real change
to take place?

While protesting in the streets may be a one way to voice your desires, it may not
be the most effective way to make change. If we roam the streets with anger,
resentment, fear and sadness in our hearts, we will never really make a difference.
What we resist will persist.

How can we bring forth real change without resisting what is? What is that life
giving source of all lasting change? What is that singular unifying point that
joins us all? Where can we find real power to bring forth a new world?


Intensely structure lessons, increasing curricular demands, and health and safety concerns have combined to reduce children’s time outside, even during recess

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