Many people say they want a better life because the one they are living is not bringing them
joy. They focus on what is missing in their life and wonder why life doesn’t get better.
The reality is, what we focus on expands, and if we want positive change in your life, we must
be grateful for the good that we already have in our life. Unless we consistently remind
ourselves to look for “what’s right” in our world, we often only see “what’s wrong.” Gratitude
is a conscious decision to look for the good in every situation. Gratitude is a choice. It’s easy
to feel grateful for things that we love, but can we find a reason to be grateful for the people
and situations that challenge us? If we can, we will find the power to overcome difficulties
and change our world!


1. Each night before you go to sleep, think of 10 things about your life that you are grateful for.
You can write in a journal or just ponder them. Gratitude is a feeling, so make sure you give
yourself time to feel the joy as you you think of the good things in your life.
2. Think of a difficult situation or person in your life. Write it down. Think of three positive
things that can come of it which you can be grateful for. Write them down.

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When we read the paper or watch TV and notice things that are not right in our world, it is
easy to judge and blame. We feel angry and resentful toward the people who are running
the world. We believe they are making a mess of it, and we have to fight them in order to
make changes. Perhaps fighting is not the answer and here’s why. Every thought we think
and every emotion we feel carries a vibration. When we feel anger and hate we attract that
same vibration to come back to us. When we fight with hate and anger in our hearts, our
enemies will hate us back and want to fight harder against us. It is a losing game. No one
wins. What we give out comes back to us. There is a better way. The truth is everybody is
doing the best they can from their level of perception. The people we judge and blame think
they are doing the right thing, even if we feel it is wrong. When we forgive, we do not forgive
because the other person is justified in what they are doing, we forgive to release ourselves
from the bondage of anger and resentment. When we forgive, we raise our own vibration to a
place that has true power. By forgiving, we clear a space for real change. If everything works
from the inside out, and it does, replacing anger with compassion and understanding puts us
“in Power” so we can really make a difference.


Think of people who you judge to have done you wrong or wrong to your world. Imagine
this. What if they are doing the best they can from the perspective they hold? What if,
like a child, they are behaving from a limited point of view? What if you knew you had the
power to create a joyful life for yourself, no matter what they tried to do? What if you did
not feel like a victim, but claimed your true power? Could you forgive them, and let your
anger go? Would you be willing to free yourself from the vibration of weakness to rise to
one of strength? Forgiveness raises us from victim to victory. Are you ready to let go of
judgment and claim your true inner power? Forgive the people you judge, and set
yourself free!

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“Beliefs have the power to create and the power to destroy. Human beings have the awesome ability to
take any experience of their lives and create a meaning that disempowers them or one that can literally
save their lives.”
Anothony Robbins

What we believe is what we will see. Sometimes our beliefs help us feel happy, more secure
and confident Like when we believe “I am lovable”, “I can make it through any challenge”,
or “Everything will work out.” Sometimes our beliefs can frighten us, like “I’m not good
enough”, “The world is unfair”, “There’s not enough money.” or “I’m not going to survive this.”

A belief is just a habit of thought. It may have been given to you from other people in your
childhood. It may have been something you read or saw on TV. You may have had painful
experiences in the past and now believe that your future will be the same. Be smart.
Question your beliefs. They are not all true. You may believe that there are no jobs available,
and that belief will keep you from finding a job. You may believe that a good partner is hard
to find, and that belief will keep you from finding your perfect mate. You may believe the
world is a mess, and that belief will keep you from seeing the beauty and wonders around 
you every day. Until we question these kinds of beliefs, we will not see change in our lives
or in our world.
 Believe in yourself and in your dreams. Believe that change for the good
is Inevitable. Believe that “we the people” have the power and will make a better world.
When we believe it we will see it. If you can imagine it you can feel it. If you can feel it,
it can happen!


Question your beliefs and try a different point of view. Make a list of what you believe.
Write what you believe about yourself, your work, your world, your family, money, your
government and other beliefs that you hold. Read each belief back to yourself. Notice
how it makes you feel. If a belief makes you feel frightened or upset, ask yourself,
“How can I see this differently?” For example if you believe “There are no jobs.” You
can tell yourself, “There must be a job out there and I am ready to work!” If you believe
“No one is hiring.” You can tell yourself , “Some companies are hiring and I am ready to
be hired” A belief is a thought that you keep thinking, so choose to think thoughts that
turn into positive, optimistic beliefs. What you believe is what you will see! Question
beliefs and you will be free.

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Breathe Deeply


When you feel yourself getting upset because the world is painful or unfair, take a few deep
breaths to calm down before you make a speak or act. Your words and actions are much
more clear and powerful when you feel calm. Deep breathing brings oxygen to the brain
and relaxes the body and mind. In this space you can see things differently, and solve
problems more easily.


Put your hand on your belly. Breathe in slowly until you can feel your belly push out
against your hand. Hold your breath a few seconds, and then slowly let it out. Breathe in,
hold it, breathe out. Continue to breathe slowly and deeply until you feel yourself relax.
You can use deep breathing any time, anywhere. It will help you relax in times of stress,
and you will feel better too! Deep breathing strengthens our immune system, increases
energy, aids digestion, strengthens our lungs, and helps to release toxins from our body,
and elevates our mood. Make deep breathing part of your daily routine, so you can think,
speak and act to be In Power and in a spirit of love and clarity.


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