What can we do?




So instead of complaining about what’s wrong with our world, let’s imagine a world of love, joy and abundance.
Let’s occupy our Inner Space in a positive way by envisioning a new world. From this inspired place will arise
solutions to make real change. First, try giving thanks for all the wonderful things about our world. . . the sky,
the trees, the air we breathe, the animals, sunshine, friends, family, and so much more! Being grateful for what
we have gives us power to create more of what we love in our life.

What would a compassionate, loving, peaceful world look like to you? What would it feel like to live in such a world?
Can you imagine a thriving global community? Can you envision a world where we respect and honor differences and
yet recognize the oneness of all things? What would it feel like to live in a world where people care and share, and there
is enough abundance for everyone to be happy? Can you imagine a healthy world filled with healthy people?
Are you willing to just imagine it? If you can imagine it, it can happen!

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Everything Works




Everything works from the inside out . . . whether we are conscious of it or not Everything is energy. Every thought
we think, every word we speak, and every action we take puts forth powerful energy in our world. Every person on
this planet is constantly contributing to the energetic pattern of the whole world. Each thought, word, feeling and action
effects everything in our life. We have the power to choose. We can choose to put forth positive energy to create a new
life and a new world . . .a world of peace, love, caring and sharing! Choose to be conscious, and begin developing yourself.
Connect with the highest power that is inside of you. That power is the power of love and wise thinking. It is the realization
that we are all connected, and we are all part of one world family. This Occupy Inner Space website reminds us
how to align with the infinite power inside us. The Spirit within us provides inspiration, love, and knowledge to realize
our potential and create a new world. When we learn to occupy our own Inner Space, we can tap the creative power of the
universe. As we join together, we can choose to be catalysts to bring forth a new world. If we choose love, wise thinking
and compassion in all we do, we will transform ourselves and transform our world. When we are master of our Inner Space,
our outer world becomes a better place!

If you knew that everything really worked from the inside out, would you pay more attention to your Inner Space?

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Quantum Physics




Quantum Physics tells us that less than 1% of our Universe is made of solid matter. More than 99% is what
they used to call “empty space”. Now physicists are discovering that space is not empty.

It’s packed with energy! They call this energy the “quantum field”. Within this field are waves of possibilities.
Experiments show that the invisible field has power! They are finding that this invisible field actually organizes,
influences and directs matter. What does that mean? It means the invisible world influences and changes the visible world!
The world we see springs out of a blueprint that arises from an invisible field of energy! It molds and holds energy to shape
all matter. What do you think when you hear that the quantum web is packed with energy, and this invisible field
organizes, influences and directs matter?

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MImi’s Blog #1




Welcome!, I’m excited to share my first blog with you. Where shall I begin? I guess I will tell you about how the Occupy Inner Space movement got started. I was driving past an “Occupy Tucson” gathering when I began to think of all the people who are crying out for a more peaceful, sustainable, compassionate world. I remembered the 60s, when thousands of people stood on the white house lawn and sang, “Give peace a chance!” Soon after, the Vietnam War stopped. We felt like our voices were heard. Why do many people now feel they have less power to make change? What can we do to really make a difference? The words dropped into my head; “Occupy Inner Space”. I envisioned a website where people could be inspired to occupy their own Inner Space, to find the power within, and to share their wisdom to inspire others. My favorite motto is “Everything works from the inside out.” * The world is a reflection of our own consciousness. The only way we are going to evolve the world is to evolve ourselves. We have to “be the change we want to see.” * Are we ready to take the responsibility to determine our future and the future of our children? Do we want a world where people care and share, and are willing to do their part to uplift the world? The first question I asked myself was “What can I do? What is my part in creating a better world?” Since I am a writer, here we are, but it takes many of us to really make a difference. What are you inspired to do? What is your passion? What are your gifts and talents? What is your part in this awesome movement to shift this world from one of fear, oppression and lack, to one of love, liberty and abundance? If we are to be the change we want to see, then the first step is to look within, to discover what stories we are telling ourselves that keep us from being an example of love, peace, compassion and joy. Do we look at the news and tell ourselves that “we the people” have no power? Do we condemn the violence in the world, and then fight with our friends, family and coworkers? Do we complain about our government and then cheat, lie and break promises in our own lives? Do we blame others for our problems without taking responsibility for ourselves? If there is to be any positive change in the world, it has to begin with us. Occupying Inner Space is not an easy task. It is an every day commitment to notice when we are aligned with love and when we are not. It requires us to stay in the present moment, and do what we can right now to make a difference. It demands that we question our belief systems to be sure they are true, and notice if they match the values we “say” we aspire to. The way we think and feel creates our reality, so being master of our Inner Space is essential to making our outer world a better place! So how do we learn to occupy our Inner Space? Read the pages of this website, and be sure to explore the “tools” button. There you will find easy tools that will help you become master of your Inner Space. This is an “Inner-Active” website. Write in to share your thoughts and ideas. Together we can help each other lift our consciousness to create a world we can be proud of. * “Everything works from the inside out.” MasterMind DreamMakers * “Be the change you want to see.” Ghandi Baltimore city public schools spokeswoman edie assignment writing services uk house says a permission slip was signed, but declined to say more, citing privacy laws