The occupy movement began as a grass roots initiative in the United States and spread like wildfire worldwide. Before long, people in 82 countries began camping in the streets demanding a more caring, compassionate and fair world. They call themselves the 99%. They come from all walks of life; the poor, the working class, and those who recognize the need for greater social justice. Some feel angry because people are losing their homes and their jobs. Some feel sadness for those caught in the endless struggle of life. Many feel fear, wondering what the future will hold. They now stand together crying out for change. “We the people”, are looking for a way to create a new world. The future of the world and the world where we respect and honor differences and yet recognize the oneness of all things? What would it feel like to live in a world where people care and share, and there is enough abundance for everyone to be happy? Can you imagine a healthy world filled with healthy people? Are you willing to just imagine it? If you can imagine it, it can happen!           Occupy Inner Space   She’s been essaydragon.com in her post as the managing director for general education and student affairs for six months

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