When we were tiny babies, before we could walk or talk, we were filled
with feelings. We felt happy, sad, peaceful, and mad. We were born with
“E-motion” . . . Energy in motion! Love is the greatest power in the Universe.
We can tell if our love power
is turned on by the way we feel. Positive, joyful feelings
turn on power! Unhappy feelings block our love, and our power.

Feelings change all the time. Some feelings are happy and some are not.
Feelings from the past can continue to hurt us as we grow, and keep us
from our love power. We can heal these hurt feelings by learning to see
things differently now.

This is a game to help adults and kids notice feelings, and feel better about
times we felt angry or hurt. By opening our minds to a new point of view,
we open our hearts to feel good now!

“Love Builders” are feelings of love, joy, confidence, gratitude, and peace.
Love builders help us feel good. They are usually accompanied by positive thoughts.
Our heart is open, and our love is flowing! Love builders turn Dream Power on!
We are feeling good, and we feel life is good, too!

“Love Blockers” are feelings of fear, anger, hatred, sorrow, worry and despair.
Love blockers make us feel upset. They are usually accompanied by negative thoughts.
Our heart is closed, and love is not flowing. Love blockers turn Dream Power off!
We are not feeling good and often complain about our life.

Play this game and help each other share feelings and ideas to change love blockers into
love builders! Have fun learning how to feel good and turn your Dream Power on!

1. Print pages, and cut out feeling cards.

2. Place cards face down.

3. Take turns picking a card. Read the card.

Tell if it is a love builder or blocker.
-If it is a love builder, tell a time when you felt this way,
and keep the card for a point.
-If it is a love blocker, tell a time when you felt this way.
Ask: “What can I think to help me feel better about this?”
Share a bright idea that would help you feel better.
Then keep the card for a point.

4. If you can’t think of an idea, choose someone else to give an idea. If they can,
they keep the card for a point. If they can’t the card is turned face down to be chosen later.

5. When all the cards have been picked, count your points.


Card: Lonely: “I feel lonely because my friend moved away.”

Lonely is a love blocker.

Bright ideas to feel better: “I will call my friend often. I can make new friends.
It’s OK to be alone sometimes.”


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