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Inner Muse




“Inner Muse” is a place where you, the artist, poet or inspirational writer can share
your creativity with others. Submit your work. Thousands of candles can be lit from
one candle! Inspire someone today! Feel the joy of sharing. Include a link to your
website. Let people know where they can find more inspiration. Here’s an example . . .

A Higher Perspective

What is right and what is wrong? What’s your story? What’s your song?
When will people just forgive . . . Not to judge, but just to live? What’s the
secret of the joy, within the infant girl and boy? And once that innocence
is lost, what does judgment really cost?
If the time is here and now, we each must
choose what we allow. And when the choice is said and done, ask, “Will it make your
life more fun?” Or does it take your joy away, so you cannot enjoy the day?
Think how a
sunset makes you feel, and how a puppy helps you heal. It’s just the magic we can find,
within the depth of heart and mind, when good and bad is not defined. So what is right and
what is wrong? What if judgment was all gone?

What if everybody knew, forgiveness makes the world anew? Would you let the anger go,
to allow the love to grow? Could you see things differently, just to set your spirit free? . . .
Even if we don’t agree?

Now post your creative inspiration . . .      

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One comment on “Inner Muse

  1. Donna Marie Cusano on said:

    When the love within the self radiates into everything you experience, life takes on a new adventure.
    Donna Marie Cusano

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