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Inner Action




You might say, “Occupying Inner Space is good, but don’t we need to take action to
change our world?” Yes, it is important to take action to make positive change in the
world. If, however, action is taken from a place of anger and resentment, there is no
real power. Instead of protesting against things, let your voice be heard! Claim what
you want in a powerful, positive way! When the 99% takes action from a place of love
and peace, lasting change will happen. If you take to the streets, do so with a loving
passion for what you want to see, and a firm commitment to stand up for what you believe. 
“Inner Action” is a place where YOU can share with others how you are making a difference
in the world. Write to us. Tell us how you occupy your Inner Space in a positive way. How do
you take positive action in the world? Do you have bright ideas to make a better world?
How can others join you to bring forth change?

Do you have a group or organization that promotes peace, or brings forth positive
action to make a better world? Do you have a vision you want to share? Do you have
ideas to make the world more green? Do you have thoughts about how to make the world
more safe and prosperous for all? Do you want to share techniques to help people meditate,
or practice yoga? How do you stay in the present moment? How do you stay peaceful in
times of chaos? Share your ideas. Do you have a website where people can join you and do
their part to inspire change? Tell us your story. Tell us how you or your group makes difference.
If you have a website, let people know about it.

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4 comments on “Inner Action

  1. Donna Marie Cusano on said:

    Great opportunity to share positive viewpoints & creativity!

  2. The Consciousness Explorer’s Club launched last night in the keys. I send Rockets of Appreciation (ala Abraham, &the Hicks) for having a group of friends willing to explore Consciousness and Loving Awareness in our lives here on the physical plane. We are reading John Kehoe’s Quantum Warrior…..it’s a clear, crisp blending of the scientific discoveries supporting Oneness/Consciousness, and how to live from a space of awareness. YEA!!

  3. Marilyn on said:

    This is copied from Blog #1 — there will be two more copies and then we’ll have moved the Consciousness Explorers Club’s comments into this more fitting space.

    Entry #1 MR: ‘Thanks for your patience!What a cool space you are creating — for all of us to come to with conscious intent to share and learn with each other on our journeys through this world!!

    .Mimi, you live this everyday. I like when you notice yourself moving away from your vortex, and say out loud, “I’m over here…and I want to be over HERE, moving your hands to show your positive energy vortex.” (note: reference to The Vortex as relayed from Abraham thru Jerry & Esther Hicks. Some of us just saw the section “Take The Bounce.” Highly recommend it….)

    Thanks Mim! Namaste, Marilyn”

  4. Marilyn on said:

    This is POST #2 & 3 FROM MIMI’S BLOG:

    “Here’s a cool Mimi idea — or an idea that “came through Mimi” –FOOTNOTES. Rather than just leave a list or note of things to do, leave a big footnote to yourself….reuse the backside of sheet of paper destined for the recycle bin, and write your task in BIG COLORFUL MARKER, throw it on the floor where you’ll literally step on it tomorrow as a reminder!” Posted by Marilyn October 5, 2012 at 12:38 pm #

    Reply : “What a great sight! Thank you for doing your part for our upliftment. I’d like to share a tool that I’ve learned a few years ago. It stems from a Hawaiian teaching called H’oponopono. I certainly do not claim to know the specifics of this cultural teaching, but it revolves around taking responsibility for everything that we know about that ‘is not working perfectly’ in our world. I have teachings in Specialized Kinesiology also, so I have incorporated a circuit while using the H’oponopono (H’pp, my abbreviation) tool.

    First, the H’pp teaching is taking responsibility for anything in your world that you know/feel is not in harmony. That is based on the premise that nature’s intention is to work in harmony with all living things. It’s best if I use an example. I know that I am aware of water pollution on this earth. I take responsibility for my part in creating water pollution. H’pp teaches to say: “I Am sorry, please forgive me, I love you, thank you”. I say that to my Higher Self, to ask forgiveness for my part in this creation. So now, my Sp. Kinesiology comes into play. I create a ‘circuit’ that begins at my 3rd chakra (between my belly button and sternum) and I begin to trace that circuit up to the Universal Connection in the Universe, then back down to the back side of my 3rd chakra where the circuit meets the beginning of my loop. Then I take the circuit down (again from my 3rd chakra) to reach Mother Earth and up again on my back side to meet at the 3rd chakra. Then I have the circuit go to my left side way out of the left side of my body and thru the back of the 3rd chakra then over to my right side way out and back again through my backside of the 3rd chakra. Finally, I move the circuit toward the front of my body and go way out front then meet at the 3rd chakra to go toward the back of me way out. All the while I say the H’pp chant, “I Am sorry, please forgive me, I love you, thank you”. The circuit that runs through the front and back of me I say, “Infinite Love and Gratitude”…to my Higher Self. After that is complete and I have Infinite Love and Gratitude ‘running my circuit, I flow Infinite Love and Gratitude toward water knowing the molecules of the water will receive this blessing and begin to flow with Infinite Love and Gratitude.

    Infinite Love and Gratitude to all those reading this site! Thank you. (POSTED BY DINANNE — MUI MAHALOS!)

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