Be the change




From a peaceful heart and mind will come the inspiration to make real change. Even though we are living in challenging
times, the world is changing. If we expect positive possibilities, if we believe that our world will ultimately rise to it’s highest,
we open the door to that reality. It has been said, “Be the change you want to see.” If we want a world of peace, we need
to feel peaceful within ourselves. If we want a world of love, we must practice love in our own lives. What would the world be
like if we practiced kindness toward everyone, even people who cut us off in traffic and rub us the wrong way? If we want
a world without war, we might refuse to fight in our own lives, with our co-workers, family and friends, even if they think
differently than we do. We can stand strong for what we believe in without fighting. We can choose understanding and
sincere communication. If we want a world that treats everyone equally, we must treat everyone we meet the way we want
to be treated. If we want joy to prevail on earth, we must find joy in our own hearts and lives.



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