Be in power 2a


    Some people find power from things outside themselves. They may use guns, bombs, money, violence, media, physical strength or status to dominate, manipulate or control others. Power based on fear will ultimately backfire. Lack of love will eventually work against you and create a power out. So what can “we the people” really do to find peace within ourselves and our world? How can we break out of the existing game and create a new life? It is time for the people to learn to be “In-Power”! Read on to find out how to be “In-Power” . . . “In-Power” is the power inside us to see things differently. It is the power to forgive what we judge to be wrong with ourselves, other people and the world, and discover solutions to make things better. It is the knowing that all true change begins deep inside our own hearts. When we let go of judgment and blame, and plug into our vision of a world of love, we are “In-Power”. If we choose to focus on love, joy, gratitude, fairness, cooperation and peace, we align with the unlimited Power of the Universe. We discover creative solutions that turn challenges into opportunities. Amazing things begin to happen! With intent, focus, positive thought, and love, we can spring into action and really make a difference. It is the only lasting and guaranteed power equally available to everyone. It is the power of unity and love. It is the one point where we all can unify beyond outward boundaries. If we are to transform our world, we must first empower ourselves: in body, mind and spirit!

                    Ackerman, one of the nation’s highest-profile big-city schools chiefs and an unwavering advocate for equity in public schooling, died feb

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