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Inner Child




What do you think the world would be like if it were run by children? Do you think it would be fun?
Do you think it would be a disaster? Would the children make a mess and not want to clean it up?
Would they act impulsively, sometimes selfishly and irrational? Would the big kids bully
the weaker kids and take more than their share?

Within each one of us there is a little child; a child who desires to be nurtured,
cared for and loved. If the child was loved, honored and respected, these values often
manifest in adult life. If these needs were not met, the child may feel hurt, fear, anger
or disappointment, creating emotional wounds that live within us as we grow up.

The attitudes, habits and beliefs that we were taught as a children become the
filters through which we see our world today. So what would the world be like
if the world was run by children? Perhaps it would be just as it is, for we are all
influenced by the child within us. How can we change our world? We can begin by
healing our inner child. Here’s how . . .

Welcome to MasterMind DreamMakers’ “Inner Child World!” Bring your children!
Here you can come to get in touch with your inner child, gain wisdom and share
quality time with your children.

The games and activities in Inner Child World can be transformational! They will
give you and your children skills to live life to the fullest. They will help you and your
children practice seeing the world from a new point of view while having fun together!


One comment on “Inner Child

  1. MaryAnne on said:

    My inner child is a part of me that I am very grateful for. She keeps me playful, light hearted and creative! Sometimes, my inner child acts out and wants attention. How do I know this? I feel helpless, scared, unloved or vulnerable inside. I ask myself how old I am in that moment. Then I listen for the answer. Sometimes, I’m 5 years old, sometimes 3; depending on what is happening in or around me at the time.

    Next, I tune in to discover what the problem is. I ask my inner child what she needs in that moment and then I take the time to listen. Sometimes, I just talk to her in a loving way, like I would anyone’s child. I try to give her kind understanding and love. Often she just needs someone to listen to her. At times she is afraid and needs someone to encourage her or support her. That someone is me! We can’t always find someone in the world who will do this for us, so we have to parent ourselves. I try to be a good parent to my inner child which in turn affects the energy of the world in a positive way.

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